"The very capable team at Foushée, in collaboration with Magellan Architects' consultant team, completed this complex infill project to Public Storage's total satisfaction. The project site occupies a prominent South Lake Union location at Ford Motor Company's former office and Model "T" truck assembly plant. The historic multi-story brick, glass and terracotta structure was built in 1913. City Planners and Public Storage sought to preserve the historic office façade to serve as the new Public Storage office, and envisioned the balance of the structure as a backdrop to the historic multi-story building. In response, the new five-story, neutral gray building is modest and restrained. Beneath the simple lines, however, lies an intricate steel skeleton with massive shear components, a 10" min. slab thickness, multiple elevator shafts, 25' high retaining walls, and 1,200 storage units. Foushée accurately interpreted the drawings and successfully navigated through extended periods of wet weather, numerous unforeseen site conditions and a continually evolving SDOT required scope. Public Storage was impressed with Foushée's team of experienced on-site supervision, project engineering and project management, as essential components of a flourishing relationship."
- Richard Rogler, Architect / Construction Manager, Public Storage

Cost Control
Our superior management and tracking systems regularly check all aspects of the project. You will always know where your project stands.

Quality Assurance
We make and test mock-ups as part of our planning process. We supervise construction work to be sure everything is put into place correctly the first time.

To provide real value-added efficiency, we use a variety of technological tools that have a positive impact on your project's bottom line.

We provide a comprehensive safety program for our employees and subcontractors specific to each project's requirement.