"I would highly recommend Foushée to any building owner or tenant who is looking for an honest, fair and transparent GC partner to build a quality tenant improvement project. Everyone is a hero when things go right, but in this market, things are rarely that easy. The true measure of a company is how they react and persevere through adversity. We had our fair share of issues on the Unity project with design drawing delays, labor shortages, a tight schedule and client "on the fly" changes. Throughout the build, Foushée approached issues with solutions rather than excuses and more importantly came to the table early so the owner could make informed decisions. Some of the discussions were not easy, but through it all Derek Groth (PM) and Stephanie Boehm (PE) maintained their "can do attitude" and brought the project through a successful completion. Because of the honesty, integrity and quality of the people at Foushée, the client is looking to partner with them on another project this year which is probably the best compliment a client can offer."
- Ed Fischer, OAC Services

Cost Control
Our superior management and tracking systems regularly check all aspects of the project. You will always know where your project stands.

Quality Assurance
We make and test mock-ups as part of our planning process. We supervise construction work to be sure everything is put into place correctly the first time.

To provide real value-added efficiency, we use a variety of technological tools that have a positive impact on your project's bottom line.

We provide a comprehensive safety program for our employees and subcontractors specific to each project's requirement.