"I interviewed several good, reputable companies that all had the expertise to handle the job. In the end, I selected Foushée because I felt very comfortable with their management team. I was impressed with the team's knowledge and cohesiveness, and how they didn't talk down to me. Rather, they were extremely patient and caring. Most importantly, Foushée delivered what they promised. The project came in under budget and was completed well before our move deadline. During the construction phase, we had weekly meetings and I was very happy that there were no change orders. The only things we changed were due to the fact that we could save money. Most of the money saving suggestions came from Foushée and after careful consideration, we implemented most of them."
- Dave Musselwhite, Princess Cruises & Tours

Cost Control
Our superior management and tracking systems regularly check all aspects of the project. You will always know where your project stands.

Quality Assurance
We make and test mock-ups as part of our planning process. We supervise construction work to be sure everything is put into place correctly the first time.

To provide real value-added efficiency, we use a variety of technological tools that have a positive impact on your project's bottom line.

We provide a comprehensive safety program for our employees and subcontractors specific to each project's requirement.