Seagen Launch Pad

Location Everett, WA
Client Dermody Properties & Seagen

Nelson WorldwideFluor

"When we engaged with Foushée on the Seagen site, the project was planned as a speculative warehouse development. Foushée’s flexibility and ingenuity proved to be a critical factor in our ability to quickly transform the project from a typical warehouse into a highly customized manufacturing facility for Seagen. Since the sitework for our originally planned building was already underway, Foushée had to quickly assess how to efficiently change course and prepare the site for a completely different structure with a different use. Their commitment to the project made it a resounding success for our firm, as well as Seagen."



A 266,000 SF, three-story, shell & core build-to-suit for SeaGen, a global life science research and pharmaceutical manufacturing company. The building is constructed out of a heavy steel structure and comprises five interconnected buildings with multiple occupancy types that include pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution, research, storage, and general office/administration. The exterior envelope is comprised of storefront glazing and insulated metal panels. The 15.14 acre site required extensive grading, retaining walls, and 45,000 SY of asphalt pavement. The building’s structure required 3,475 tons of structural steel and 13,442 cubic yards of concrete. Seagen’s new, state-of-the-art facility is one of the first pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Washington.

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