"Working with Foushée has been an exceptional experience. They excelled in critical contractor roles such as accurate estimating, value analysis, constructability review, scheduling, and quality assurance. Developing a project for an expanding technology company that is inexperienced at development has a unique set of challenges. Foushée understood this and provided the leadership with the team, which helped facilitate the project. Their staff filled some non-traditional roles to help VoiceBox, making them an even more invaluable team member on this fast-track tenant improvement. VoiceBox has received very positive feedback about their office by both employees and guests from around the globe. The design and construction have been given rave reviews. Foushée has been a fantastic partner and we will be sure to recommend them to others. Looking forward to working on the next successful project with Foushée."
- Pete Baker, Owner, Montlake Associates

Foushée offers the full spectrum of services you would expect from a leading general contractor. From pre-construction through construction, we are flexible in providing you what you want and need to make your project a success.