Foushée takes ownership of established safety values and are proud Charter Members of the Associated General Contractors Safety Team.

Being tasked with insuring that everyone goes home safely every day is something we take seriously. That focus is a product of being a family-oriented business with proven procedures and training in place. This is reflected in our better than industry average safety rates. Ownership’s commitment, leadership, and involvement provides the foundation for continued improvement, and allows the Foushée Safety Value to provide the time, resources and daily support to our project teams. 

Experienced Safety Professionals

We invest in a fully staffed Safety Department.

Expert Training

We provide employee orientations, continued awareness, regulatory training, and subcontractor safety partnership.

Comprehensive Inspections

A comprehensive, project specific job site safety inspection program.

Associated General Contractors of Washington (AGC)

Foushée is proud to be a founding member of the AGC of Washington Safety Team, making safety a top priority since 1977. 


AGC Safety Awards
  • AGC Group-Retro Award for Top Performers, Consecutive Years - 24 Years
  • AGC Group-Retro 2023 Top EMR's at .60
  • 2023 AGC Safety Excellence General Contractor 100,000-250,000 Worker Hours
  • 2022 AGC 33 Years of Safety Excellence Safety Team Member (1990 – 2022)
  • 2021 Outstanding Performer Safety and Claims Management and Excellence
  • 2020 AGC Safety Excellence General Contractor under 200k Worker Hours
  • 2020 National AGC Safety Award (NASA) Certificate of Commendation for Excellent Safety Record
  • AGC Safety and Claims Top Performer 20 Consecutive Years (2000 – 2020)
  • 2019 AGC Safety Excellence General Contractor Under 200k Worker Hours
  • 2014 AGC Safety Excellence General Contractor Under 200k Worker Hours
  • 2007 AGC Build Washington Grand Award for Safety Excellence
  • 2005 AGC Safety Excellence General Contractor Under 200k Worker Hours

Safety Excellence at Foushée

The Pete Romero Award

Every year, Foushée recognizes one superintendent with the Pete Romero Award for outstanding Safety Excellence. 

Superintendents who win the Romero award demonstrate exceptional care and concern for everyone’s safety, going above and beyond to maintain the highest standards of safety.
The Pete Romero Award, named in honor of a retired 23-year superintendent that produced the best safety record for a superintendent in the history of Foushée.


Safety Banquet

Each summer, we celebrate our appreciation of everyone’s safety efforts with an annual banquet in which everyone in the company attends. Our goal is to continually raise the bar of safety with this event. This becomes a great motivator and teaching tool. 

Individual performance is recognized, which instills pride and healthy competition between superintendents, foremen, and journeymen. During this banquet, the Pete Romero Award is announced to the years deserving superintendent.

"It is very evident that Foushée's commitment to safety is from the top down.

This, as you know, is critical to the success of any safety program. Employees must see the company's commitment translated into action." 


– Lauren Gubbe, AGC Group Retro Program –

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