About Us


"We are proud of the great team of people at Foushée and the dedicated work ethic that has been our culture since 1977. Our team is continually striving to do projects better, faster, and smarter for the benefit of our clients."
- Eric Jones, President/CEO, Foushée
At Foushée, our experienced, committed, long-term employees are our most valuable assets. We invest in their experience and training in every aspect of construction to provide you with creative, innovative, seamless service and quality projects.

With one of the highest safety ratings in the state, Foushée can assure you of project efficiency and minimal liability costs.

We do things right – and are committed to do the right thing. That’s the philosophy established by our founders, continued by our leadership team, and practiced by every one of our employees. Your success is our most important priority. We keep your goals and objectives in mind throughout every phase of the project.

Executive Team

Eric Jones
President / CEO
Lisa Koch
Chief Financial Officer
John Dolence
Operations Manager
New Construction
Olin Wick
Operations Manager
Tenant Interiors

Management Team

Matt Buchanan
Business Development Manager
John Hall
Senior Project Manager
Rick Angehrn
Senior Project Manager
Eric Duncan
Craig Miller
Project Manager