Project Profiles


"Over three decades I have been responsible for overseeing building projects in four different states for colleges, universities, and now a church. Never was the experience as professional or easy as it was with Foushée. The Foushée team was creative, professional, and always pleasant. Working on a project that sits next to a busy church and has a driveway to a school is a special challenge. Children go outside to play; their parents drive through the construction site to pick them up; funerals are always unpredictable; and large weddings sometimes occur when the project is at a critical juncture. The Foushée team working on our project always adapted its schedule and work to meet our needs. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how well the Foushée team listened to us. If we had concerns, they were addressed. If we were unhappy, problems were rectified promptly. If we had questions, they were answered with patience. The most important contribution the team made to this project was its adherence to our budget. Because they were with us from the beginning, they proposed changes during the design phase, made adjustments when unexpected events occurred, and monitored the budget. They provided us with regular financial information and worked with us to be sure that this project came in under budget."
- Michele Genthon, Holy Family Parish, Project Chair