"On each project, Foushée has demonstrated a supportive and practical approach to the owner's green building goals. They are proactive in seeking the best subcontractor to achieve critical LEED credits as well as the best value for the owner. They communicate issues promptly with all team members. Despite different project managers the Foushée approach has been very consistent on each project. We look forward to projects with Foushée because we know they will be successful for the owner and every member of the team."
- Nancy Henderson, ArchEcology, LLC

We have made a corporate commitment to embracing LEED-certified project development, as well as other sustainable design and construction programs. Every member of our project management team is a LEED Professional. Building green or in a more sustainable manner requires us all to continue to make fundamental changes in the materials, means and methods we use in designing and constructing buildings. Our experience in the practice of green building, in addition to the expertise of our clients and design partners, enables us to create successful green building projects.

Our focus is on developing clear and appropriate priorities and goals, fulfilling informational needs, and providing applicable technical recommendations.