Dean Wallace Photo

Dean Wallace Photo

Dean Wallace Photo

 Business Parks  Distribution & Warehouse

Latitude 47

Location Gig Harbor, WA
Client Howe Family Holdings

Lance Mueller & Associates

“Since acquiring the land decades ago, it’s been my vision to bring a cutting edge modern industrial facility to my hometown of Gig Harbor. Foushée’s approach to industrial tilt-up construction played a major role in the success of this project. The reason we chose to work with Foushée was their attention to detail, their superior communication and their ability to treat our project as a long-term, community-based investment. Foushée not only delivered on their commitments, but they exceeded them in every way imaginable. Latitude 47 was delivered within our agreed upon timeframe, under our budget and the quality of their team’s work far exceeded my expectations. Additionally, Foushée was instrumental in assisting our team with a complex and difficult permitting and inspection process. So often, projects like Latitude 47 are commoditized as “just another concrete tilt-up”. Foushée’s ability to identify risk, offer strategies to mitigate it, and ensure my investment would last for generations separates them from other contractors, because to me, Latitude 47 is far from another concrete tilt-up, it was an investment in a community that has had a profound impact on my success. Foushée took the time to understand my project from every perspective, for that, I am truly grateful. Thank you to Foushée for a job well done, I look forward to working with them in the future."



Five Building, 318,450 SF, 38-acre business park featuring five high-quality concrete tilt-up buildings, a heavily landscaped pedestrian friendly promenade through the middle of the site and a fully vegetated stormwater retention pond.  Foushée worked with our client, Douglas Howe, and our design partner, Lance Mueller & Associates, in ensuring the buildings were built with longevity in mind. 

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