Foss Landing

Location Tacoma, WA
Client Foss Landing

Graves Associates

"This was not the first time we had used Foushée. In the past, they had performed some maintenance service for one of our other properties as well as a small remodel for one of the owners. On all occasions, the experience was without fault and on budget.

The Foss Landing project in Tacoma was not a “typical” metal building. From the very beginning the Foushée staff was attentive and extremely knowledgeable, especially during the design and planning stages. The upfront expertise was a key element in the success of the final outcome not only of the physical building but perhaps more importantly, from a financial perspective. The Foushée staff was not afraid to say, “we don’t know, but we’ll find out.” With this kind of attitude and open mind we were able to tackle the inevitable obstacles that happen with any project, moving forward without delay or cost implications.

Foushée was very aware of the construction budget. They communicated where we stood at every meeting and looked for ways to save money and remain on schedule. Never were we surprised by a change order or request for funds that had not already been thoroughly communicated to us. This type of candor and honesty fostered a sense of teamwork and cooperation. Since the completion of the building, the follow up and warranty work has been above reproach. It’s great to work with a company that takes responsibility and pride in what they build.

It was truly a pleasure to work with Foushée and we look forward to our next opportunity to do business."


32,000 SF dry dock boat and storage facility. The racking system is integral to the building structure and has five levels to a height of 72 feet. The project has over-water launch/retrieve facilities and a marina.

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