"Though it has been over a year now since we finished constructing the Stadium Nissan of Seattle dealership, we still talk about our fantastic experience with Foushée. Who would have thought we could dream up a project like this and then make it happen as quickly as we did? It was clear from the start that Foushée's leadership team would be an integral force in meeting our team's goals. It was not an easy feat to adhere to an incredibly tight schedule for Nissan while carefully crafting the complicated marriage of an innovative automotive dealership to a circa 1920s warehouse structure. Foushée stepped up to the plate in this regard and completed the project on time as promised. It was apparent at our very first project meeting that the Foushée team's automotive experience would be crucial to meeting our tight schedule. At our weekly team meetings, when we typically had all levels of management at the table, we knew we could expect – by the next business day – clear and concise meeting notes outlining key project issues and solutions. Thanks to Foushée's familiarity and knowledge of how an automotive dealership functions, we mitigated some challenging design and operational issues. The Foushée team also had great relationships with the various subs, excellent communication skills, a knack for solving problems, and – most importantly – a capacity to quickly change direction when required. Winning the 2011 NAIOP Night of the Star's Market Adaptation Award was a rewarding "hat tip" to this project and the team we had assembled to make it all happen. We hope to work together again with Foushée, and highly recommend Foushée to others interested in renovating or constructing a new automotive dealership. One would be hard pressed to find a better group out there for this type of project."
- Broderick Smith, Vice President, Urban Visions
As a "team build contractor", we provide expert professional services in estimating, contracting and construction.  We start working on the project at the earliest stage of the design phase. Our primary role as a construction consultant serving the project owner is to take the lead responsibility for budget and schedule control. We collaborate with the design team on construction means, methods, systems, and materials. Our clients and design partners benefit from our knowledge and experience. We create a strong working relationship among all team members.