"I'm very pleased to say the project Foushée completed for us is still receiving positive comments from our employees, visitors, and new owners. The quality of work was consistently top notch. Foushée's Management Team was professional, reliable, courteous, and respectful. Their pride in their work was evident. They were knowledgeable about all aspects of our project and when situations arose (due to problems not apparent until work commenced), they consulted with us to resolve issues and keep the project on time. They kept me closely informed throughout the different phases of our project. Their communication was clear, informative, and helpful, and they were always available during and after normal business hours. When the project was completed, all the work had been done as described and agreed upon, and there were no hidden costs, or unpleasant surprises. I am very pleased with the final product Foushée delivered, and I am extremely impressed with their work. I would not hesitate to recommend Foushée. Thank you."
- Mary Bergstrom, Facilities Manager, Clarisonic
As a "team build contractor", we provide expert professional services in estimating, contracting and construction.  We start working on the project at the earliest stage of the design phase. Our primary role as a construction consultant serving the project owner is to take the lead responsibility for budget and schedule control. We collaborate with the design team on construction means, methods, systems, and materials. Our clients and design partners benefit from our knowledge and experience. We create a strong working relationship among all team members.