"Being on the leading edge involves unforeseen challenges and opportunities, and the exterior renovation of our Lake Union Building involved both. As one of the largest installations of View Dynamic Glass projects to date, there was an exceptionally high degree of coordination with the manufacturer, installer, and tenants required and Foushée executed flawlessly. We engaged Foushée early in the process and they added value at every step, from initial feasibility studies and due diligence, through design, construction and delivery. The Foushée team worked together at a high level and resolved all the unforeseen problems inherent in renovation construction projects, ultimately delivering on time and on budget. They were an excellent partner and I would recommend without hesitation."
- Mark Craig, President, Henbart LLC
As a "team build contractor", we provide expert professional services in estimating, contracting and construction.  We start working on the project at the earliest stage of the design phase. Our primary role as a construction consultant serving the project owner is to take the lead responsibility for budget and schedule control. We collaborate with the design team on construction means, methods, systems, and materials. Our clients and design partners benefit from our knowledge and experience. We create a strong working relationship among all team members.