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"This 30+ year old Class A office building, located within the heart of the downtown core, is one of the better known shortcuts through the city. We had a team in place that knew the space well and was ready to improve upon its solid fundamentals. Ivanhoe Cambridge and their partner, Callahan Capital Properties, acquired the building with the goal of repositioning it in the market. The design objectives followed - "activate and simplify." With that in mind, the project transformed the lobbies and public areas into modern, timeless spaces that provides the opportunity for existing and future tenants to use the space as an extension of their own. Foushée was an integral part of the team from early design phases through completion, along with the owner, JLL and Mithun. As the project evolved in scope and complexity, Foushée heavily supported the process by providing problem solving solutions, value engineering options and time-saving alternatives. Construction was not simple and it took creative thinking to implement a phased approach while the building remained open and fully functional. Foushée's Superintendent was a gem on-site, ready and willing to engage in design conversation, and answer questions at all hours of the day. The final product is a testament to the hard work, time and collaborative efforts that went into making this project a success."
- David W. Goldberg, President, Mithun

Banking, Bonding & Insurance
We have earned an outstanding reputation in cash flow management by paying our employees, subcontractors and vendors in a timely manner. We're proud of our responsible financial management. We manage our firm just the way we manage your project - tight fiscal responsibility with an eye on the bottom line every step of the way. You can depend on our financial stability.

Banking: Washington Federal
Contact: Bob Boswell (425) 453-1528
400 108th Ave NE, Suite 700
Bellevue, Washington 98004

Bonding: Parker Smith Feek
Contact: John Claeys (425) 709-3748
2233 112th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

Insurance: Parker Smith Feek
Contact: Ann Heitkemper (425) 709-3708
2233 112th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

License Number
By concentrating our effort in our local geographic region since 1977, we know the marketplace and the details of specific building codes throughout the Northwest very well - very well! That's an enviable edge many general contractors just don't have. Our expertise gives you an advantage on everything from labor supply, subcontractor bids, vendors, and materials, to the detail of specific building codes for the region.
We specialize in building in the Northwest.

Washington License Number: CC01-FOUSHAC158OD