"The St. Paul's Episcopal Church renovation was my first experience working with Foushée. I hope it will be the beginning of a long running series. Church renovation projects are particularly challenging, especially for general contractors. There are important spiritual, emotional and community aspects of a church that need to be taken into consideration. Churches as clients tend to have different vocabularies, priorities and notions of timelines. They also have very detailed and slow decision making processes. Foushée rose to all these challenges in an exemplary fashion. They came up with creative suggestions and were consistently helpful. Everyone on the team was a pleasure to work with. They showed the technical expertise and experience one would expect from a first-line contractor. What made Foushée stand out was their sensitivity to the client's needs and their tremendous communication. The end product was something everyone was thrilled with and the project was on time and on budget! Thank you Foushée for a great job!"
- Larry Brouse, Owner's Representative
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