"Once I got to know Dr. Sharpe and his desire for the absolute best quality, I knew just who to call. Foushée has been fantastic from start to finish. Their pre-construction services provided real value and ensured that our design fit our budget. Despite the aggressive schedule and the technical challenges that popped up along the way, Foushée exceeded all expectations and delivered a beautiful building on time and within budget. Thank you Foushée for being such a great partner and I look forward to working together on future projects."

- Scott Falkin, Vice President
Falkin Associates

"My experience with Foushée was exceptional. I was referred to them and their reputation was sterling. They made every possible allowance to ensure that I was happy with the finished product. Making my practice a success will be much easier because I have a building that is better than my wildest imagination. I firmly believe that there could be no better general contracting company than Foushée."
- Matthew Sharpe, MD
SharpeVision Lasik + Eye Care

Cost Control
Our superior management and tracking systems regularly check all aspects of the project. You will always know where your project stands.

Quality Assurance
We make and test mock-ups as part of our planning process. We supervise construction work to be sure everything is put into place correctly the first time.

To provide real value-added efficiency, we use a variety of technological tools that have a positive impact on your project's bottom line.

We provide a comprehensive safety program for our employees and subcontractors specific to each project's requirement.