"When I first started the process of contractor selection for the new Bellevue building, I had little knowledge of the commercial construction and was guided by Ed Weinstein to Foushée. He suggested that we only talk to firms that had the highest reputation and substantial experience. I remember being impressed with your project team and with your customer orientation approach. This was the beginning of a great relationship. I appreciate the efforts made during the pre-construction process to value engineer the building to fit within my budget. I have found the follow through of the Foushée team to be very thorough in every instance and they have well exceeded my expectations. With any issue that arose, I never saw a drop in this high level of service. This outstanding service is how I made Foushée the obvious choice for our Greenlake building addition. I never gave any thought to using another contractor! I appreciate the exceptional service and commitment, thank you."
- Stan Gregg, President, Greggs's Cycle

Conceptual Estimating
As an integral part of your team, we provide information and recommendations to enhance decision making during the design phase. Our accurate conceptual estimating and the foundation of our pre-construction process helps you make informed business decisions. Once we produce the first budget estimate, we stick to it.

Open Book
We operate with “open-book” budgeting, so each team member participates with bottom-line awareness. You will always know where you stand on budget.

Value Added Strategies
We recommend means and methods, balanced with budget sensitivity to resolve conflicts and to maximize the design.

We develop and implement a phasing plan based upon your project requirements to expedite the construction process. We verify scheduling on cost-critical items and systems availability. When necessary, we suggest workable alternatives.

Team Dynamics
Our project team will be in place with you from beginning of pre-construction through completion of the project. A company principal-in-charge is always in attendance as team leader, providing continuity, stability and expertise.

We work with many architectural and engineering firms, which has allowed us to develop effective relationships with them on a wide variety of project types.

Our well coordinated work schedules and prompt payment cycle result in very competitive pricing for our projects.