"Charlies Smith Wines took on the challenge of acquiring and transforming a vintage soda pop bottling plant in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, WA into a first class urban winery. We are proud to showcase our 32,000 sq. ft. facility to the public with two tasting rooms, luxury wine making capabilities and private entertainment experiences overlooking Boeing Field and Mt. Rainier. The vision, challenge and execution was shared by our contractor Foushée during the transformation of this building and we are ecstatic with the outcome. Please come and experience the combination of inspiration and hard work that creates our acclaimed wines at Jet City Winery."
- David Lawrence, K Brands, COO
In addition to the handpicked team of a project manager, superintendent and support personnel, we maintain a field crew of award-winning craftsmen. We expect excellence. Our long-established relationships with the building trades enable us to:
  • Maximize high labor performance to provide you with superior workmanship in every category.
  • Save training time by assigning an experienced crew to handle your project needs.
  • Increase productivity and meet project time lines.