Project Profiles


Architect: Weinstein A+U
Location: Seattle, WA

Description: 5,500 sq. ft. tenant improvement for North Highland Wordwide Consulting. Located in The Standard Building which was built in 1893. The project included all-glass offices mixed with an open office concept. Features a mix of new high-end finishes complementing the original wood structure, brick and refinished wood floors. The design-build VRF system achieved maximum ceiling heights in the offices and a clean look in the open to structure areas. The team was able to utilize original fire doors as accent pieces in the reception area.
"Weinstein A+U brought Foushée on-board early in the design stage, which allowed for a close collaboration on the North Highland tenant improvement project. In this way, Foushée was a true partner, supporting our goal of creating a flexible work environment that embodies the consulting company's brand, while highlighting the Pacific Northwest identity of their first Seattle office. The 5,500 square foot suite is located within the historic shell of The Standard, a Seattle Landmark. Foushée expertly highlighted the historic character of the space; for example, they were able to preserve the hundred-year-old fir floors and hang the extremely heavy original steel fire doors as art pieces for the walls. Foushée's attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, evident throughout the project, is especially noticeable in the custom reception desk and partial height feature wall: the wall is clad in reclaimed wood and framed in a thin border of blackened steel, combining warmth and precision. Our client could not be more pleased with the impression this makes on arriving visitors. We look forward to more successful collaborations between Weinstein A+U and Foushée in the future."
- Ed Weinstein, Principal, Weinstein A+U