Project Profiles


Client: DLR Group
Architect: DLR Group
Location: Seattle, WA

Description: 22,700 sq. ft. tenant improvement including offices, conference rooms, open studio areas, and a kitchen with an espresso bar. This project utilizes glass walls to maximize natural daylight and to take advantage of the priceless view. There are many open areas with open ceilings, highlighting the concrete structure. Unique new design ideas are incorporated, along with high-end finishes, custom furniture pieces, and rolling casework to maximize the use of the collaborative spaces. LEED Certified for Commercial Interiors.
"The process of designing and constructing your own office is not one to undertake lightly. Every design decision is meticulously scrutinized by everyone in the office. We searched for a contractor that shared our design vision and whom we have worked with in the past to create fabulous spaces for our clients. The Foushée project team turned out to be a great fit. We were in the midst of working together on a very high profile Google expansion in Kirkland together, which gave us great confidence in Foushée's ability to deliver the design we envisioned in our compressed timeframe. Central to the design team's vision were three main requirements: The new environment had to give our staff the right types of space to do their work in various settings from their desk, to collaborative teaming rooms, to the generous open "living room" that overlooks the Puget Sound and Seattle's iconic cityscape; Our spaces had to have the latest technology required in today's global business environment and have minimal, if any, exposed technology wires and cables; and Our new home also had to be a showcase of our design ability. Thank you to Foushée for helping us make our vision a reality."
- Scott Kruse, AIA, DLR Group