Project Profiles


Client: T-Mobile
Architect: IA Interior Architects
Owner Representative: Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc.
Location: Bellevue, WA

Description: 165,000 sq. ft. tenant improvement consisting of six floors of office/conference space. The project includes a new 616 sq. ft. main distribution frame (MDF) room and five intermediate distribution frame (IDF) rooms totaling 1,210 sq. ft., with each room served by heat pumps for the 24/7 loads. The HVAC and electrical design was completed by third party engineers to ensure that all of T-Mobile’s requirements were met.

Floor 1 consists of two large multi-media conference rooms and a large break room. Each of the conference rooms can be divided into six individual rooms, allowing T-Mobile to configure the space for the varying large-conference needs of its clients, while also providing a common area where groups from the separate rooms can gather during breaks between conference sessions.

Floor 2 consists of open offices, conference rooms, a grab and go café, teaming areas and a break room.

Floors 3-6 consist of open offices, conference rooms, private offices for managers, and break rooms.
"Working with Foushée on the T-Mobile 2 Newport project was a great pleasure – and made my job much easier. We appreciated Foushée's expertise in facilitating communications, proactive planning, and problem solving. Their sensitivity and leadership with the design team and subcontractors made the project run smoothly. Members of the Foushée project team became even more invaluable by also filling several non-traditional roles. The budget and schedule was incredibly tight, but Foushée consistently helped find cost-effective systems both during design and construction. I highly recommend Foushée."
- Bryan W. Martin, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.