Project Profiles


Architect: Craft Architects
Owner Representative: Duffy Development Services
Industrial Engineer: Pinnacle Consulting Group
Location: Everett, WA

Description: 216,000 sq. ft. “Lean” manufacturing and corporate headquarters for this aerospace electronics company. Foushée coordinated all design/build mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and manufacturing equipment hook up/fit up. LEED Certified for New Construction.
"Foushée's real-world expertise, combined with creative solutions, allowed us to achieve more of our goals for less money. Foushée masterfully coordinated its subcontractors' mechanical and electrical designs to fully integrate with the overall design intent. This orchestration was crucial in anticipating potential challenges in the field during the design and development stage, thus saving money and protecting the schedule. Under Foushée's leadership, all of the project teams integrated seamlessly and conducted business as if they were part of the same company. During construction, Foushée expertly managed all subcontractors to ensure the completion of our project ahead of schedule and under budget. Foushée introduced lessons learned from previous jobs to highlight risk areas and ensure issues were addressed before they adversely impacted this project. The experience and depth of talent Foushée deployed on the project helped mitigate many items that on most jobs would have a negative impact."
- David J. Rhoden, Esterline Control Systems – Korry