Project Profiles


Architect: Freiheit & Ho Architects
Location: Covington, WA

Description: 24-acre retail site that included a pad for Home Depot, all on-site improvements and four retail buildings. Site work included sidewalks, curbs, paving, landscaping, wetland mitigation, and retaining walls. The single story retail buildings total 46,497 sq. ft. The project included improvements to SR-516 and new road construction on the east side of the site. The buildings are site cast pre-cast structures covered with a variety of cladding.
"Our office has complete confidence in Foushée. They are often one of the first contractors we would recommend to our clients. I enjoyed having the Foushée people on the project team from inception. Time and time again, they have been able to provide realistic budgeting and scheduling inputs that help the design teams and owners arrive at informed decisions. I also appreciate their creativity in value engineering. Their input can make marginal projects feasible. Their ability to keep a project on time and on budget is what generates a lot of confidence in us and loyalty from their clients. In complicated projects, Foushée has been able to identify the potential pitfalls ahead of time and keep the project on track."
- Lawrence K. L. Ho,
Freiheit & Ho Architects, Inc