Project Profiles


Client: Talon Portfolio Services, LLC
Architect: Burgess Design, Inc.
Location: Bellevue, WA

Description: Capital improvements and building upgrades. Interior projects include: full demolition of all interior finishes, new tile flooring, new wood paneling, upgraded lighting, new HVAC, upgraded all elevator cabs, new restroom finishes, new hardware, new glass railings, new draperies, and new signage. Exterior improvements include: new architectural element and canopy, new landscaping, new lighting, new monument sign, new glazing, and new vestibule.
"Foushée was a key member of our team from the early stages of conceptual design through project completion. They provided critical constructability analysis, value engineering and logistical planning to a highly complex project, and their delivery in the field was truly outstanding. They completed the project on schedule and on budget, and the finished product is a beautiful addition to our asset portfolio. Foushée's outstanding performance from start to finish has once again reaffirmed why they are a key "go to" resource for our construction needs."
- Bill Pollard, Founding Principal, Talon Portfolio Services, LLC