Project Profiles


Client: Talon Capital
Architect: LMN Architects
Location: Seattle, WA

Description: Capital improvements for the former Regence Building built in 1990. Projects included: new garage elevator lobbies; update the existing fitness center and locker rooms; new main lobby; new elevator cabs; new 4th floor exterior deck; update the existing restrooms; update the 15th/16th floor elevator lobbies and corridors; new HVAC controls; and upgrade the existing transformers for additional convenience plug load.
"We hired Foushée early in the process of the redevelopment of the 1800 9th Avenue Building. They proved to be a valuable resource at every step, from initial feasibility studies and due diligence through design, construction and delivery. They were an excellent value-add partner and we would recommend them without hesitation!"
- Jim Neal, Managing Partner, Talon