Project Profiles


Client: Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue
Architect: MG2
Location: Bellevue, WA

Description: 20,392 sq. ft., 3-story, new main campus building constructed adjacent to the existing facility, which will be demolished upon completion and converted into parking. The lower level houses a classroom and an arts and crafts room. The main level has a basketball court with two auxiliary hoops, multiple offices, a technology and education center, a game room, a chill zone, and lockers. The upper level includes an internet café, tutoring rooms and several more game rooms.
"We are so thrilled with our brand new Clubhouse in downtown Bellevue, a place where we have had a presence in the community since 1952! It's my dream come true to have the support and building named after Jim and Sally A. Nordstrom, along with many other generous contributors that made this all possible. Our closest and favorite partners have been the folks at Foushée. With Foushée representatives as past Board members and volunteers, we knew we were working with family. After our wonderful experience with Foushée on our Fieldhouse at Hidden Valley Park, we were looking forward to working together on this long-awaited project and they never let us down! Their staff became good friends and we always knew they had our backs….they could have been wearing "Club Staff" shirts! Whatever came along, they were always solution driven with our best interests at heart. Thank you for your great support from day one. We truly can't thank the team enough for delivering such an awesome treasure for the entire community. It is our partners, like Foushée, who really made it happen. The best part is that the kids love it! What a perfect place for GREAT futures to start!"
- Kathy Haggart, President / CEO,
Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue