Project Profiles


Client: NW Lions Foundation
Architect: Studio Meng Strazzara
Location: Seattle, WA

Description: 13,958 sq. ft. facility, including cornea tissue processing lab, clean room and office space. The entire facility has a raised floor system allowing access to all HVAC, electrical, data, and plumbing systems.
"Foushée's team led SightLife through a process that produced amazing results! Our new space is optimally designed to maximize workflow, which maximized the number of people we can help see through cornea transplantation. The project communication was excellent from start to finish and at each step of the way we knew exactly what to expect next. When there were questions or challenges Foushée provided expert counsel to make sure we had the best advice. Our project ended on time and on budget! Both of which amazed and impressed our board of directors, many of whom have extensive experience in construction projects. Thank you to Foushée, who now are key partners in helping SightLife eliminate corneal blindness in the Northwest and around the world!"
- Monty M. Montoya, SightLife