Project Profiles


Client: Allison Hughes, M.D.
Architect: Arkinetic
Location: Mercer Island, WA

Description: 2,156 sq. ft. clinic with aesthetician, procedure, and exam rooms, nurses stations, a children's play area, doctor's offices, and break room.
"The high level of professionalism and Foushée's reputation especially with medical projects impressed me. From the beginning to the end, all aspects of the project were thoroughly researched and well prepared. We never had any major surprises. Construction proceeded in a very expedient fashion. All details were reviewed in weekly team meetings. After project completion, we had continued support and guidance from the Foushée team. I tell everyone about Foushée and my unbridled enthusiasm seems to be a common finding among references. I would use Foushée again without reservation and highly recommend their construction services."
- Allison Hughes, Mercer Island Dermatology