Project Profiles


Client: Program for Appropriate Technology and Health
Architect: NBBJ
Owner Representative: Seneca Group
Location: Seattle, WA

Description: PATH tenant improvements encompassing 64,000 sq. ft., including high-end office space, a 2,500 sq. ft. Biosafety Level 2 laboratory, and 6,300 sq. ft. for a prototype model shop. Other amenities included an extensive audio/video conferencing facility, a library, a Class 10,000 clean room, locker rooms, and a 24/7 network operations center with generator backup and pre-action fire protection.
"This project has been a great success, and we attribute that result primarily to our ability to work as a cohesive, high-performance team. We clearly met the definition of high performance by bringing our multi-disciplinary abilities in a cohesive effort to reach a common objective. We commend you for contributing to this effort to create a workplace where PATH's mission can be pursued much more effectively and synergistically. Foushée has been instrumental in advancing PATH's pursuit of its mission to improve the health of women and children in developing countries."
- Christopher J. Elias, PATH