Project Profiles


Architect: Chesmore/Buck Architecture
Location: Bellevue, WA

Description: 11,500 sq. ft. adaptive reuse of a 2-story office over parking building into a private “Montessori” pre-school and K through 5 elementary school programs. Interior included new classrooms meeting DEL requirements, new child size restrooms, a science lab, a library, a kitchen, a teacher lounge, and new finishes throughout. All new infrastructure was installed including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and structural improvements included floor reinforcements to accommodate the increased classroom occupancies. Exterior improvements included a new transparent entry lobby transforming the building and a new playground.
"We at Bellevue Montessori School were privileged to work with Foushée for the construction of our Rossano Campus. We could not be happier with the results! Bellevue Montessori School was founded over 50 years ago to bring Montessori education to Bellevue. In late 2016, we found a property near our present location which we could remodel and open six additional classrooms, three for primary children and three for elementary students. We named the property the Rossano Campus after the founders of the school. After interviewing different companies, we followed the recommendation of our architect and selected Foushée as our contractor. The team moved quickly to design, permit and construct the project, so we were able to occupy the building in time for classes. We are very grateful that Foushée was able to work within our time constraints to produce a beautiful, efficient building meeting our requirements. They fielded a very professional team, who were very well organized and unfailingly courteous. We especially appreciated the dedication and creative problem solving of the on-site crew. Anyone who has a complicated project should consider Foushée."
- Pamela R. Myers, Vice President,
Bellevue Montessori School