Project Profiles


Architect: Freiheit & Ho Architects
Location: Kirkland, WA

Description: The project included a 66,486 sq. ft. combined service/parts building for both Chevrolet and Mazda with parking on the roof. It also included a 6,988 sq. ft. Chevrolet showroom and a 6,647 sq. ft. Mazda showroom. Careful planning and phasing of the work allowed the business to remain fully operational during construction with minimal disruption.
"Foushée provided excellent service and achieved outstanding results. We want to thank you for everything you have done. Every person in your organization has given us expert construction knowledge, along with a caring attitude. We came up with a design that met our needs and minimized costs, while maximizing our utilization. We ended up with a building that was finished on time and within budget. Foushée constantly value engineered the project, keeping us within our budget as we explored design concepts. You took great care throughout the construction process to make sure that we did not have to sacrifice today's sales to make room for the buildings of tomorrow."
- Tod Johnson, Lee Johnson Chevrolet, Inc